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From left to right: Jon M. Glenderød, Per Holmen, Kenneth Denis,
Odd A. Lasken and Ole M. Karlstad, all of them working at PM6.

IKEA awarded Norske Skog as best supplier of the world's largest publication!

Norske Skog has been ranked by IKEA as the best supplier for their 2010 catalogue, for paper supplied from Norske Skog Saugbrugs. 6 000 tonnes of paper from PM6 has been used in this year’s British edition. Sverre Lorentsen, Lars B. Edvardsen and Per Olsen from Norske Skog Denmark received the framed and glazed award, as well as a wooden tulip (see picture), as a symbol of the ranking. In addition to the award for best paper supplier, a prize for the best commercial printer was awarded to Sagawa Printing from Japan. The ceremony took place during a supplier meeting with 160 participants in the Swedish “IKEA capital”, Almhult.

“We knew we had delivered a good product, but we were not notified in advance about what would happen,” said sales director Sverre Lorentsen. “Saugbrugs have received the supplier award for its environmental profile and achieved environmental results, and we have at the same time delivered an excellent product. It is inevitable that this has attracted some attention and that there has been some praise for this,” said Lorentsen, who will ensure that the award and tulip are displayed in a visible place.

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