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Golbey celebrates 20 years of operations

Over the coming three days, Norske Skog Golbey is celebrating the mill's first 20 years of operations. On Friday 28 September, invited notabilities are taking part in a ceremony.

During the ceremony, there have been speeches from local mayors, the President & CEO Sven Ombudstvedt and Managing Director Yves Bailly.

Golbey is the most modern and best run mill in the whole Norske Skog Group. Over the years, Golbey PM2 has beaten the world speed record about 30 times and PM2 still has an average speed of more than 1800 meter per minute. Golbey is actually one of the world's most efficient paper mills. These achievements are the main factors in order to understand the success of Golbey and its unique position, both within the paper industry and also as one of the most important business units of Norske Skog. Amongst all of Norske Skog’s factories around the world, Golbey has the highest output of paper measured in tonnes, and it is one of the most competitive business units.

The start-up of production in Golbey 20 years ago was a milestone in Norske Skog’s 50 years of history. Golbey was the first newsprint site outside Norway.

President & CEO Sven Ombudstvedt said in his speech on Friday morning: - These impressive accomplishments had not been possible without the skills, dedication and professionalism of the employees at Golbey. Moreover, I want to emphasize that over these 20 years the good leadership, smart recruitment, French thoroughness and structure combined with the Norwegian values of  openness and honesty, have created a world class mill.

Managing Director Yves Bailly emphasized: - I want to send my regards to the regional and local governments and especially to the citizens of Epinal for their contribution from the early days until today. I hope we will still meet the same collaborative culture also in the future.

The Norske Skog family congratulates all Norske Skog Golbey employees with these first 20 years of operations, and wishes all good luck for the future.


Photo from left: President & CEO Sven Ombudstvedt, President of Vosgues District Christian Poncolet, Mayor of Epinal Michel Heinrich, Vincent Berton, Managing Director Yves Bailly and representative from Lorraine District Jean Pierre Moinau.

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