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Machine tender Con O'Brien (left), training facilitator Heidi Wana,
Learning and development adviser Terry Phillips and stock mixer Mickey Hill.

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Norske Skog Tasman won top national award in New Zealand

Norske Skog Tasman wins the top award at the recent New Zealand Forest Industries Training and Education National awards.

The award “Outstanding Business Performance through People Development” recognises the commitment of the Tasman site to developing its people and in return improving business performance.

Learning and development adviser Terry Phillips said working smarter to achieve more for less was essential to maintaining the economic viability of the plant.

“Our motto is: one team working together to build our future.''

“This is a very competitive business and we have to reduce costs to maintain our competitive edge”

By investing the time and money in staff and being honest with them about the real need to increase productivity, staff at all levels are able to take ownership of the plant's future and their own.

General Manager Ernie Hacker has been fully committed to the development project. He has delivered core modules for the Frontline Manager program and supports and encourages employees to achieve their personal best.

Produce, Protect, Profit, People are our key goals. These are seen as vital to the business.

“It's about developing our Product range , while making sure the People and the Environment are protected , achieving the Profit needed to keep us here”.

“And having people with the right attitude and skills working in the business is so important”

While it has taken some time to change the culture and help staff adapt to this way of operating, Phillips said people were now thinking and behaving differently.

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