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Norske Skog sells Klosterøya

Norske Skog has entered into an agreement concerning sale of Klosterøya to a consortium consisting of Conceptor Eiendomsutvikling AS and Bratsberg Gruppen AS, and has at the same time also finalised sale of a property at Nedre Ranheim. The total proceeds are approximately NOK 240 million.

Petter Øygarden, CEO Bratsberg Group at left and Sven Ombudstvedt,
CEO Norske Skog celebrates the deal at a signing ceremony at
Klosterøya Wednesday 12 January 2010.

After the shut down of Union mill, Norske Skog has devoted considerable resources to clearing up and developing Klosterøya, and the company sees it as a good solution that others now will take over the further development.

"This is a milestone for the development of Skien and the entire Grenland area. In cooperation with local authorities and businesses, Norske Skog has emphasised the development of residential, business and outdoor recreation areas. We consider the Bratsberg group and Conceptor Eiendomsutvikling to be ideal partners in moving this work forward", says Norske Skog’s President and CEO Sven Ombudstvedt. 

Parts of the proceeds from the sale have been granted as seller's credit and will be paid off during a five-year period. Norske Skog will also retain a minority ownership share in Bratsberg Holding AS, which in addition to Klosterøya, will have a portfolio including several development properties in the cities of Porsgrunn and Skien.

The sale of Nedre Ranheim (Trondheim) to Maja Eiendom AS was finalised at the end of December. Sale of the two properties will ensure a total accounting gain of around NOK 80 million. Most of this will be booked in the fourth quarter of 2010. With the sale of Klosterøya and Nedre Ranheim, Norske Skog has sold properties in Norway for approx. NOK 280 million during 2010.

Gunn Marit Helgesen (County Mayor of Telemark), Ombudstvedt, Øygarden and Rolf Erling Andersen (Mayor of Skien city)
were pleased with the beginning of a new era for the development of Klosterøya.

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