Financial Management and Reporting

Norske Skog is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. We are dependant on trust from the financial markets in general and our financial partners in particular. We aim to ensure transparent and equal financial information to all stakeholders and financial markets. We will secure trust by adhering to the principles set out herein.

  • Norske Skog’s goal is to provide a competitive return for the shareholders
  • Norske Skog’s shares shall be freely negotiable and based on the principle one share – one vote
  • Norske Skog’s dividend policy shall be competitive and responsible
  • Norske Skog’s capital structure shall be adapted to the Group’s strategy and risk profile
  • The work of the board and the executive management shall be based on the principle of equal treatment of the Group’s shareholders

Norske Skog’s reporting shall provide a correct representation of the Group’s income statetment, cash flow and balance sheet. Financial reporting follows international accounting standards (IFRS).

We always strive to strengthen our financial reporting procedures. Norske Skog has a centralised finance organisation handling the following areas:

  • Liquidity management
  • Funding
  • Financial risk management
  • Corporate accounting and reporting
  • Corporate tax management

Norske Skog has Corporate Standards setting out more detailed requirements to secure and support the corporate financial strategy and goals. Compliance with these documents is mandatory and continuously monitored.  

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Norske Skog AS
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0213 Oslo

Phone: +47 22 51 20 20
Main fax: +47 22 51 20 21
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Norske Skog AS
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Norske Skog AS, PB 294 Skøyen, 0213 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 51 20 20 - Main fax: +47 22 51 20 21