03 Jan 2003

Power plants sold at a profit of nearly NOK 1 billion

Norske Skog completed today the divestment of 13 power plants to Akershus Kraft AS and Buskerud Kraftproduksjon for NOK 1.3 billion. Net profit on the divestment is approximately NOK 1 billion before tax, and about NOK 500 million after tax. The sale will be posted in Q1 this year.

Akershus Kraft AS has acquired three power plants in the Halden waterway and Buskerud Kraftproduksjon has bought ten power plants in the Drammen and Skien waterways and in Nord-Trøndelag. The 13 power plants have a combined annual normal production of approximately 700GWh.

Oxenøen 03.01.03


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