10 Mar 2003

Norske Skog invests to improve paper quality in Bruck

Norske Skog will invest NOK 260 million to rebuild the PM4 magazine paper machine in Bruck, Austria. This is an important quality investment to serve the most demanding paper customers in Europe.

Bruck PM4 produces LWC magazine paper for offset printing. Since the start-up in 1989 the paper machine's productivity has been improved considerably and the production capacity has increased from 140,000 to 240,000 tons per year.
The rebuild will improve the quality of the magazine paper from Norske Skog Bruck and enable the mill to deliver high quality paper to the most demanding LWC markets in Europe. This will strengthen Norske Skog's position as a leading supplier of high quality magazine paper.
The project includes rebuilding PM4's wet end (wire section and new headbox). The super-calenders that create the paper's glossy surface will have a new profile system to improve paper profiles and surface properties. The capacity of the mill's de-inking facility for paper recycling will also be increased.
The rebuild will start around the end of 2003.

Oxen°en, March 10, 2003

Corporate Communication