25 Mar 2003

Norske Skog to cooperate with World Association of Newspapers

Norske Skog and the international publishers association, World Association of Newspapers (WAN) has entered into a five-year agreement to cooperate on developing programs for using newspapers and magazines in education all over the world.

WAN represents more than 18,000 newspaper and magazine publishers and publishers' associations in more than 150 countries. The organisation is behind Newspapers in Education (Avis i Skolen in Norway) that for many years has worked with educational institutions, authorities, teachers and students to encourage the use of newspapers and magazines in education.
'Norske Skog is among the world's leading suppliers of newsprint and magazine paper. Everything we do is focused on the customer. The agreement to cooperate with WAN is an important step forward in our continued efforts to create good customer relations. In addition to the customer perspective, the agreement also paves the way for establishing Newspaper in Education (NIE) projects with Save the Children, SOS Children's' Villages and other aid organisations. Norske Skog is a global corporation and WAN is a global organisation. We have many common points of contact,' says Senior Vice President Corporate Communication in Norske Skog, Hanne Aaberg.
An international survey has revealed that children who learn to read and write from newspapers are more successful later in life than children who receive a traditional education. The use of newspapers and magazines in education creates life-long readers and more socially aware young people.
Newspapers in Education will - through its cooperation with Norske Skog - now be established in more countries, also in countries where democratisation has given the free press better conditions.

Oxen°en, 25 March 2003


Corporate Communication