07 Apr 2003

Norske Skog classified as having high environment and social responsibility standards

Norske Skog has been included in new indexes for companies with high standards on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Ethibel, based in Brussels, is a leading European research organisation in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development. Every year Ethibel reviews hundreds of companies worldwide on their economic, social and environmental performance. The best performing companies are included in the 'Ethibel Investment Register' and 'Ethibel Sustainability Indexes'. Norske Skog has been included in both categories.
'Ethibel Investment Register' is a register of companies with high standards related to social responsibility, including work conditions, workers' rights and relations with various stakeholders. 'Ethibel Sustainability Indexes' are free-float weighted indexes containing the pioneer and best-in-class companies with respect to sustainability across sectors and regions in Europe, the Americas and Pacific Asia.
The registers are used as the basis for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) products for a growing number of banks, fund managers and institutional investors.
Recently, Storebrand awarded Norske Skog the 'best-in-class' award, qualifying for investments in Storebrand Principle Funds. This grade is awarded to the one-third of companies in Morgan Stanley's world index that received the highest scores for social responsibility and environmental awareness in each industry.
In the environment category, Storebrand has assessed the efficient use of resources, product characteristics, energy consumption, environmental management as well as environmental demands made on suppliers. The social responsibility criteria comprise performance regarding its surroundings and stakeholders, employees, subcontractors and business partners. Employee rights are an important factor and are assessed by the right to join labour unions, job satisfaction, health and safety, the company's involvement in local community, openness and measures to prevent corruption.
Norske Skog is also included in other CSR- and sustainability indexes, among these the FTSE4Good Global Index.

Oxen°en, April 7, 2003
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