14 Oct 2003

Letter of intent signed between RGV Papierlogistik GmbH, Norske Skog Logistics and Norske Skog Walsum for LLP

Norske Skog has signed a letter of intent with RGV Papierlogistik GmbH to supply Norske Skog Walsum with simplified and optimised transport of their paper products from the mill. RGV Papierlogistik is a joint venture between Röskes Speditions- GmbH and Große-Vehne Transporte- u. Speditions GmbH, Rhede.

Norske Skog Walsum has sixty different suppliers that truck paper to their customers. "With this new agreement, there will be one logistic provider - RGV - which means one single point of contact," says Rik Naulaerts, vice president, Norske Skog Logistics. He continues to explain, "this strategy fits in the recent Improvement 2003 project that was launched by Norske Skog earlier this year."
The Lead Logistics Provider is amongst others responsible for finding improvements on all outgoing transport activities by truck. Other similar agreements are under review for Norske Skog Bruck and Norske Skog Parenco. These agreements are important in providing the mills simplified transport as well as improved health and safety practices when loading and transporting paper from the mill to our customers.
Große-Vehne Transporte- u. Speditions GmbH, Rhede
Founded in 1937, Große-Vehne currently has 80 employees and a yearly turnover of Euro 12 million. They are currently operating with a fleet of 60 vehicles in Europe and certified in accordance with ISO 9002.
Röskes Speditions- GmbH
Founded in 1935 by Peter Röskes, Röskes Speditions- GmbH has doubled the company's turnover between 1997 and today by an increased concentration on paper and media logistics. The yearly turnover is Euro 6 million, 63 employees and vehicles specially designed for transport of paper rolls.


October 14, 2003

For information contact:
Rik Naulaerts, Vice President Logistics
Tel: 00 32 3 220 00 44
Mob: 00 32 495 29 30 44