15 Oct 2003

Norske Skog and Sappi in closer co-operation

Norske Skog and Sappi, the world leading supplier of fine paper, have agreed on increased wood purchasing co-operation in Europe

The agreement also covers the transfer to the procurement firm Sapin, SA, Belgium, of Parenco Hout, a wholly owned Norske Skog subsidiary, as part of the reorganisation process.
Parenco Hout has been partly responsible for wood supplies to Norske Skog Parenco, as well as selling wood - primarily in the Netherlands and parts of Germany.
When Norske Skog took over two mills in Europe formerly owned by Haindl - Norske Skog Walsum and Norske Skog Parenco, it was decided to look at other ways of organising wood supplies to these two mills, as well as to Norske Skog Golbey.
The outcome of this process is an increased co-operation with Sappi, through the procurement firm Sapin SA, Belgium. Sapin will, in addition, sell wood to other industries in Europe.
Norske Skog
15 October 2003
Hanne Aaberg
Senior Vice President