30 Sep 2004

Norske Skog and Newspaper in Education: commitment to young readers

The concept of systematically using newspapers to support teaching in schools is gaining ground in a growing number of countries.

Newspapers in Education (NIE) organisations have been created in Serbia, Macedonia, Russia, Romania, Indonesia and Thailand, and a drive is due to be launched in South America next year.
This purposeful commitment has been made possible by a five-year collaboration established in 2003 by Norske Skog - the world's second-largest supplier of newsprint and magazine paper - and the World Association of Newspapers (WAN).
The aim of the partnership is to enhance reading skills among schoolchildren world-wide by increasing the use of newspapers in the classroom.
This has several positive aspects. Children learn to read faster, they acquire critical attitudes to social development and they see the value of living in a democratic society.
In other words, using newspapers in teaching makes children better citizens and gives them a good basis for creating their own future.
By supporting NIE, Norske Skog has joined forces with its customers to meet the most important challenge facing them encouraging new generations of young readers to make newspaper reading part of their lifestyle.
The Norske Skog stand at this year's international Ifra print media exhibition in Amsterdam from 11-14 October will be devoted to the NIE involvement.
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