19 Oct 2004

Currency Items etc., Q 3 2004

Norske Skog releases 3rd quarter figures on November 3rd, around 1 PM.

A conference call/webcast will be held at 3 PM the same day. The Silent Period ahead of the release starts on Thursday, October 21. We will not comment upon the 3rd quarter figures during the Silent Period.
Norske Skog's trade-weighted basket of currencies (the "Norske Skog Index") had an average value of  92.0 in Q 3 2004, as against an average value of 91.6 in Q 2 2004. The value at September 30, 2004 was 90.7 as against 92.8 at June 30, 2004. Starting point of this index is January 1, 2002.
Oxen°en, October 19, 2004
Investor Relations