22 Okt 2004


Following the announcement of our 3Q results on Wednesday, 3 November at approximately 13.00 hrs CET, we are pleased to invite you to join a teleconference/webcast at 15.00 hrs CET the same day.

Participants from Norske Skog will be Mr Jan Oksum, President & CEO, Mr Jan Clasen, SVP Sales & Marketing , Mr Vidar Lerstad, Chief Financial Officer, Rune Gjessing and myself from Investor Relations.
Teleconference and Webcast:
The conference call will be held at 15.00 CET on Wednesday 3 November. There will be a review of results by the management of Norske Skog, followed by a Q&A session.
The presentation will be available to download at www.norske-skog.com from 13.00 CET.
To listen you may do one of the following:
a) Teleconference
Call +47 23 00 04 00, or if calling from Norway, free of charge at  800 80 119, and request to be connected to the Norske Skog teleconference.  Please download the presentation material from www.norske-skog.com to view while listening to the conference.

b) Webcast
Go to www.norske-skog.com  and click on the link to "Webcast", or www.oslobors.no/webcast  
To listen to the conference call from the web, you need to have installed Windows Media Player, and you need to have a sound card on your computer. You may post your questions on internet, more info about this can be found in the webcast console.
If you are not able to participate at the time of the call, you can either listen to a replay of the conference call on www.norske-skog.com (Investor Relations) or listen to a playback during the following week by:
dial +47-22769121
accountno: 1258 followed by # (pound-sign)
press 1
conferenceno: 258 followed by # (pound-sign)
press 1 to play
Jarle Langfjaeran
Vice President, Investor Relations