18 Mar 2005

Proposed changes to Norsk Skog board

The election committee of Norske Skog has recommended expanding the company's board of directors from seven to nine members by adding one director elected by the shareholders and one elected by the employees.

Ingrid Wiik and Annette Brodin Rampe are recommended for election as new directors. Today's chair, Lars Wilhelm Grøholt, is recommended for re-election. The present deputy chair, Egil Myklebust, is not standing for re-election, and the election committee has recommended Øivind Lund as the new deputy chair.
If the election committee's recommendations are accepted, Norske Skog's shareholder-elected directors will be:
Lars Wilhelm Grøholt, chair
Director since 2001, chair since 2002. Forest owner.
Øivind Lund, deputy chair
Director since 2000. National head for Turkey, ABB.
Gisèle Marchand
Director since 2002. Managing director, Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.
Halvor Bjørken
Director since 2000. Chair, Forest Owners' Association North.
Ingrid Wiik
New. President and CEO, Alpharma Inc, New York.
Annette Brodin Rampe
New. Senior vice president, Sydkraft AB, Stockholm.
In addition, the employees have nominated the following candidates:
Kåre Leira
Stein-Roar Eriksen
Jarle Halvorsen
The directors will be elected by the corporate assembly, which is due to meet on 14 April immediately after the company's annual general meeting.
Norske Skog
Corporate communications
Further information from:
Hanne Aaberg, senior vice president corporate communications
tel:  +47 67 59 90 29
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Ivar Korsbakken, chair, corporate assembly
tel +47 23 00 07 51
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