24 Nov 2005

Best in Norway for environmental reporting

A Norwegian prize for best environmental reporting by a large company has been awarded to Norske Skog, while Norske Skog Follum received an honourable mention in the same class.

Hanne Aaberg, senior vice president for corporate communication, and mill manager Wenche Ravlo accepted the awards from jury chair Astrid N°klebye Heiberg.
The presentation was made today at a national conference on corporate social responsibility organised by the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo.
These prizes are intended to inspire enterprises in Norway to make constant improvements to their environmental and sustainability reporting.
They are presented annually by a group of organisations, including the Norwegian Foundation for Sustainable Consumption and Production (Grip), the Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants and the Norwegian Financial Services Organisation.
Other backers are the Norwegian Shipowners Association, the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts, the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry, the Norwegian Association of Masters of Science in Business and the Norwegian Savings Banks Association.
This is the third time Norske Skog has won the best report award in the 10-year history of the prizes. Its annual report will now participate in a European contest on the best environmental reporting.
The jury had the following to say: This report from Norske Skog stood out as the clear winner in its class. The report is both detailed and nicely presented. Environmental information has also been given a fine setting in the annual report, with a good list of contents.
A total of 18 reports on social responsibility from large companies and five from small firms were assessed by the jury, plus 21 on the environment from large companies and 18 from small ones.

Oxen°en, 24 November 2005
Norske Skog
Corporate communications