22 Mar 2006

Election recommendations for Norske Skog AGM

The election committee of Norske Skog has recommended that existing shareholder-elected directors as well as the present chair and deputy chair be re-elected. A new chair and member for the corporate assembly are also nominated.

"There's been a fairly substantial turnover of directors in recent years, and continuity is one factor we've given weight" says Ivar B Korsbakken, who chairs the election committee.
Directors Gisèle Marchand and Halvor Bjørken are up for re-election at the annual general meeting on 20 April. If the recommendation of the election committee is accepted, the board will comprise this pair plus Lars Wilhelm Grøholt (chair), Øivind Lund (deputy chair), Annette Brodin Rampe and Ingrid Wiik.
Korsbakken wishes to step down as a member of the corporate assembly and its chair. The election committee has recommended that the present deputy chair, Idar Kreutzer, be elected chair. It also recommends the election of Helge Evju as deputy chair.
Kreutzer has broad experience of Norwegian business and is currently chief executive of the Storebrand insurance and finance group.
Evju has long experience from leading positions in Norway's forest industry and is now chair of Viken Skog, the largest Norwegian shareholder in Norske Skog. He is also chair of the Forest Owners Association and has been a member of Norske Skog's corporate assembly before.
The election committee of Norske Skog comprises Korsbakken (chair), Evju, Kreutzer and Gunn Wærstad. Its recommendation is unanimous.
Further information from:
Ivar B Korsbakken, chair, election committee, mobile: +47 90 03 64 71
Hanne Aaberg, senior vice president for corporate communication, mobile: +47 91 35 16 81
The election committee's recommendation can be found at www.norskeskog.com