03 Apr 2006


In connection with Norske Skog's bonus programme, a total of 24,225 shares have today been sold to a group of people in Norske Skog's management. The shares represent half of each person's after-tax bonus. In accordance with agreements these shares are sold at the average share price in the period February 1 - 15, which was NOK 104.50. Bonus shares have to be kept for three years before they can be sold.

Norske Skog's holding of its own shares, after these sales, is 822,306 shares.

The following primary insiders have been allocated bonus shares in the company (new holding):
Jan Clasen 578 shares (2,632 shares)
Jarle Dragvik 750 shares (5,461 shares)
Antonio Dias 1,413 shares (4,040 shares)
Anne Kvam 280 shares (980 shares)
Vidar Lerstad 924 shares (7,600 shares)
Rob Lord 826 shares (4,049 shares)
Asbjørn Lundberg 233 shares (1,941 shares)
Ketil Lyng 745 shares (5,715 shares)
Rolf Negård 830 shares (3,714 shares)
Christian Rynning-Tønnesen 811 shares (2,853 shares)
Hanne Aaberg 559 shares (3,774 shares)

Skogn, 03.04.2006

Jarle Langfjæran
Vice President Investor Relations