06 Feb 2009

Eivind Reiten nominated as new chair of Norske Skog's board

In a unanimous recommendation, the election committee in Norske Skog has nominated Eivind Reiten as new chair of the company's board, and proposes re-election of all other board members.
"Eivind Reiten is an experienced industry leader with extensive international experience. He has created substantial value through his position as president and CEO of Hydro and he satisfies the requirements the election committee has set for a new board chair who can continue and reinforce the positive development in Norske Skog," says the head of the election committee, Tom Ruud.
Eivind Reiten (age 55) has an economics degree from the University of Oslo and has held a number of key positions within both politics and the business world. He has extensive board experience, and has served on the boards of companies including Norges Bank and Telenor. Eivind Reiten has also served a previous stint on the board of Norske Skog, from 1995 to 2000. From 2001, Eivind Reiten has been the president and CEO of Hydro, a position he is leaving of his own accord at the end of March this year.
"Norske Skog is an exciting company in a demanding industry. I have seen that a lot of good work has been done in the company in recent years, and that the financial and industrial foundations have been strengthened. I appreciate this opportunity to play an active role in the further strategic development of the company, if the corporate assembly follows the election committee's recommendation," says Eivind Reiten.
Norske Skog's general meeting will be held on 23 April. The general meeting elects members of the corporate assembly, and it is the corporate assembly that chooses the board of directors and the board's chair.
The election committee's recommendation for members of the corporate assembly and the election committee will be published in accordance with the company's articles of association prior to the ordinary general meeting.
Oxenøen, 6 February 2009
Norske Skog
Corporate affairs