23 Apr 2009

General Assembly in Norske Skog

Norske Skog's annual general meeting was held today, 23 April 2009.
At the meeting, Torbjørn R. Skjerve was elected new member of Norske Skog's corporate assembly, after Kirsten C. Idebøen who did not want re-election. After this election, the following are the shareholder-elected representatives in Norske Skog's corporate assembly:
Tom Ruud, Helge Evju, Emil Aubert, Ann Kristin Brautaset, Thorleif Enger, Ove Gusevik, Even Mengshoel, Tom Rathke, Christian Ramberg, Torbjørn Skjerve, Otto Søberg and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe. The corporate assembly elects itself chair and deputy chair at a meeting later today.
The following are the shareholder-elected deputy members in the corporate assembly:
Svein Haare, Ole H. Bakke, Kjersti Narum and Uta Stoltenberg.
The general meeting re-elected Ole H. Bakke, Henrik A. Christensen and Otto Søberg as members of the election committee. In addition, the chair of the corporate assembly is member and chair of the election committee.
The other issues at the general meeting were decided according to the summons.
Minutes from the general meeting will be made public later.
The chair of the board of Norske Skog, Mr Kim Wahl, stated in January 2009 that he would not stand for re-election, and the election committee has proposed Mr Eivind Reiten as new chair of the board. This election will take place at the corporate assembly's meeting later today.
Oxenøen, 23 April 2009
Norske Skog
Corporate Affairs