18 May 2009

Fatal accident at Norske Skog Hebei in China

Wang Shaoyuan, aged 41, was fatally injured in an accident at Norske Skog Hebei in China on Saturday 16 May. The accident took place in an operation to unload old newspapers at the mill. The deceased was employed by a logistics provider hired by a raw-material supplier to Norske Skog Hebei.
Chinese authorities were alarmed immediately after the accident, and Zhaoxian Safety Supervision Bureau has started their investigation.
Norske Skog is taking this accident very seriously. The last time Norske Skog experienced a fatal accident was in 2006. Vice president for health and safety, Jens Borge, will go to China immediately to participate in the further investigations of the accident.
Oxenøen, 18 May 2009
Norske Skog
Corporate affairs