23 Jun 2009

Placement of 5 year bonds

Reference is made to the announcement dated 15 June 2009, regarding a possible bond issue in the Norwegian market. Norske Skog has now completed a placement of a new 5 year fixed rate bond loan and a new 5 year floating rate bond loan, both maturing 30 June 2014. The amounts of the two issues are NOK 580 million and NOK 170 million, respectively. Interest coupon on the fixed rate loan is 15.5 per cent, and margin on the floating rate loan is 1,150 basis points over NIBOR. Both loans will be listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.
Norske Skog has, in connection with the transaction, bought back an amount of NOK 237 million (par value) in NSG 16 (ISIN NO 001035542.3), a bond loan which matures in March 2012. The buy-back was done at a price of 83 per cent of par value.
Nordea Markets and Pareto Securities have been the managers of the transaction.
Oxenøen, 23 June 2009
Norske Skog
Investor relations