18 Feb 2010

The election committee's recommendation of members in Norske Skog's governing bodies

The election committee in Norske Skog proposes Alexandra Bech Gjørv, Einar J. Greve and Helge Evju as new members of the board of directors of Norske Skog.

The election committee has also proposed new candidates for Norske Skog's corporate assembly and election committee.

"The proposals of the election committee are unanimous. The proposed candidates will strengthen Norske Skog in what is a very demanding period for the company. I am happy that the proposals will result in a further increase in the percentage of women in Norske Skog's governing bodies," says the chair of the election committee, Tom Ruud.

The board of directors
The election committee proposes the re-election of Eivind Reiten as chair of the board, and Gisèle Marchand is proposed as the new deputy chair. The committee proposes re-election of Halvor Bjørken and Ingrid Wiik on the board of directors.

Helge Evju (55) holds a number of key offices in the Norwegian forest industry, and is the chair of the regional forest owners' association Viken Skog and the Norwegian Forest Owners' Association. Evju is currently the deputy chair of Norske Skog's corporate assembly.

Alexandra Bech Gjørv (44) is senior vice president new energy in Statoil. Gjørv is a lawyer and has held a number of leading positions in Hydro and Statoil, as well sitting on the board of media group Schibsted and Scandinavia's largest independent research institute, Sintef.

Einar J. Greve (49) is a lawyer with experience from the Oslo Stock Exchange and as a partner in the law firm Wikborg Rein. Greve has comprehensive board work experience and his current directorships include a seat on the board of Eltek ASA.

In addition to the shareholder-elected board members, three members are elected by and among Norske Skog's employees.

The corporate assembly
Norske Skog's corporate assembly consists of 12 shareholder-elected members, and six members elected by and among the employees. The election committee proposes the re-election of Emil Aubert
, Even Mengshoel, Tom Rathke, Tom Ruud, Otto Søberg and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe. As new members, the committee proposes Ragnhild Borchgrevink, Målfrid Bratt, Jens Nicolai Jenssen, Mikael Løken and Olav Veum. Ann Kristin Brautaset is not up for election.

The election committee proposes that Tom Ruud be re-elected as chair of the corporate assembly, and proposes that Tom Rathke become the new deputy chair. The elected term for members of the corporate assembly is currently two years. The election committee proposes that this be amended to one year.

The election committee
The election committee in Norske Skog is lead, in accordance with the articles of association, by the chair of the corporate assembly. The committee proposes that Ole H. Bakke and Otto Søberg be re-elected as members of the election committee.
Kirsten C. Idebøen, chief executive of SpareBank 1 and a former member of Norske Skog's corporate assembly is proposed as a new member of the election committee.

Members of the corporate assembly
and the election committee will be elected at Norske Skog's annual general meeting on 22 April 2010. Members of the board will then be elected by the new corporate assembly.

Comprehensive overview
Should the recommendation of the election committee be adopted, the governing bodies in Norske Skog will be composed as follows:

The board of directors

The corporate assembly

The election committee

Eivind Reiten (chair)
Gisèle Marchand (deputy Chair)
Halvor Bjørken
Helge Evju
Alexandra Bech Gjørv
Einar J. Greve
Ingrid Wiik

Employee representatives:
Stein Roar Eriksen
Paul Kristiansen
Inge Myrlund

Tom Ruud (chair)
Tom Rathke (deputy chair)
Emil Aubert
Ragnhild Borchgrevink
Målfrid Bratt
Ann Kristin Brautaset
Jens Nicolai Jenssen
Mikael Løken
Even Mengshoel
Otto Søberg
Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
Olav Veum

Employee representatives:
Trond Andersen

Harald Bjerge
Trond Bjørken
Erik Josephson
Freddy Sollibråten
Stig A. Stene

Tom Ruud (chair)
Ole H. Bakke
Kirsten C. Idebøen
Otto Søberg

Oxenøen, 18 February 2010

Norske Skog
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