18 Mar 2010

Reorganising European sales

Norske Skog is reorganising its European sales organisation. The main changes are a general simplification of the sales office structure, and an increased focus on front line sales.

In the new model, the European sales organisation will consist of six regional sales hubs. The presence of our front line sales force and technical sales support in all markets will be assured through an increased use of home office solutions. In addition, customer critical services provided by the transaction centre in Antwerp, will be transferred to the regional sales hubs.

"The European publication paper market is in rapid change and the need for continued strong local presence and high quality technical sales support is more important than ever. Through the reorganisation of European sales we achieve both a simplified and more cost efficient structure, and an even tighter follow-up on Norske Skog's strong commitment to our customers", says senior vice president Jan Clasen.


Oxen°en, 18 March 2010

Norske Skog
Corporate communications