16 Mar 2015

Ole Enger nominated as new member of the board of directors at Norske Skog

The election- and remuneration committee of Norske Skog has unanimously nominated Ole Enger (67) as new director of the board.

Ole Enger is the chair of REC Solar ASA, and prior to this was the President & CEO of REC Solar ASA, SAPA AB and Elkem AS. He holds a master degree from the Norwegian University of Environment & Bio Sciences and a business degree from the Norwegian School of Economics (Bergen). He has studied executive management at IMD in Switzerland and French studies in Lausanne. Enger has broad experience from leading positions in larger industrial corporations and from board positions in listed and non-listed companies. Enger is independent of Norske Skog's corporate management and significant business partners, and has no contracts with Norske Skog.

The election- and remuneration committee of Norske Skog proposes the re-election of the other directors Eilif Due, Siri Beate Hatlen, Karin Bing Orgland and Jon-Aksel Torgersen. Current chairman Jarle Roth resigns at the annual general meeting on 16 April. Roth has previously informed the committee that he did not seek re-election. Proposed new chairman was presented in a separate press release on January 19 this year. The election- and renumeration committee of Norske Skog proposed unanimously Jon-Aksel Torgersen (63) as the new chairman.

It is not proposed to appoint a deputy chair to the board. In addition to the five shareholder-elected board members, three board members are elected by and from the employees. Board members at Norske Skog are elected for one-year term.

Election- and remuneration committee
It is proposed that Dag J. Opedal is re-elected as chair of the election- and remuneration committee. Helge Leiro Baastad withdraws from the committee after four years. Marianne E. Johnsen and Olav Veum are proposed re-elected as members of the election- and remuneration committee.

The committee proposes to the AGM that the number of elected members of the election- and remuneration committee be reduced from four to three, as part of the ongoing rationalization of the group.

Annual general meeting
The annual general meeting of Norske Skog will be held on 16 April. The general meeting elects the members and chair of the board and the election- and remuneration committee. The election- and remuneration committee currently consists of Dag J. Opedal (chair), Helge Leiro Baastad, Marianne E. Johnsen and Olav Veum, as well as Cecilie Jonassen, who is an observer from the employees with the right to attend and speak at meetings.

If the proposals of the election- and remuneration committee are adopted, the governing bodies in Norske Skog will have the following shareholder-elected composition following the annual general meeting:

Board of directors Election- and remuneration committee

Jon-Aksel Torgersen (chair)
Eilif Due
Ole Enger
Siri Beate Hatlen
Karin Bing Orgland 

Dag J. Opedal (chair)
Marianne E. Johnsen
Olav Veum

Oslo, 16 March 2015

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