06 Jan 2016

Extraordinary general meeting in Norske Skog

Norske Skog's extraordinary general meeting was held today, 6 January 2016. The extraordinary general meeting elected Ms Joanne Owen and Mr Nils Ingemund Hoff as new shareholder-elected members of Norske Skog's board of directors.

The agenda items at the extraordinary general meeting were adopted in accordance with the summons except item 6 (Election of members to the election- and remuneration committee), which was withdrawn. The English version of the minutes including attendance list and voting results in addition to the CEO presentation from the extraordinary general meeting are attached.

Following the extraordinary general meeting, the shareholder- and employee elected members of the governing bodies in Norske Skog are:

Board of directors Election- and remuneration committee
Shareholder elected:
Jon-Aksel Torgersen (chair)
Eilif Due
Siri Beate Hatlen
Nils Ingemund Hoff (new)
Joanne Owen (new)

Employee elected:
Cecilie Jonassen 
Paul Kristiansen
Svein Erik Veie

Shareholder elected:
Dag J. Opedal (chair)
Marianne E. Johnsen
Svein Erik Nicolaysen
Olav Veum

Employee elected:
Kjetil Bakkan

Norske Skog
Corporate communication and corporate affairs

For further information:
Norske Skog media:
Vice President Corporate Communication 
Carsten Dybevig
Mob: +47 917 63 117

Norske Skog financial markets: 
Vice President Investor Relations
Tom Rogn
Mob: +47 948 55 659

Minutes EGM ENG
CEO presentation