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Breach of compliance regulations and internal policies, as well as unethical conduct may have legal- and financial consequences, and may affect our reputation negatively. Norske Skog emphasises that the entire organisation is responsible to comply with the Steering Documents. Compliance must take place where the risk lies, primarily in the production and commercial operations and associated activities.

The compliance work in Norske Skog is based on common standards for conduct for all business units and all employees. This strengthens the quality of our operations and promotes our predictability and credibility with customers, suppliers and other partners. Compliance is included as a separate topic in the group’s risk reporting.

The company has established a system where the legal department of the group, ensures that that the Steering Documents are updated and ensure that adequate internal control systems exist globally and locally. Norske Skog has a whistle-blowing channel, and reported issues are ensured confidential and serious treatment. Whistle blowing can be reported to: compliance@norskeskog.com


Norske Skog AS
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Norske Skog AS
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