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Doing the Right Thing – the Right Way

Norske Skog Steering Documents have been approved by the Board of Directors, and are the foundation for ethical, legal and sustainable conduct in Norske Skog.

The group’s aim is to maximize shareholders’ value through operations within the publication paper industry and other related industrial ictivities as well as through new growth initiatives. Our attitude and ability to be entrepreneurial, empower each other and behave consistently, define our results in changing and challenging the markets in which we operate. Our values - openness, honesty and cooperation - guide our business activities across regions and are, together with our leadership principles, the foundation to ensure ethical and competitive business conduct within and on behalf of Norske Skog.

Through reliable and responsible conduct, we will win the trust and confidence of our stakeholders, both within and outside of Norske Skog. We continuously strive to maintain our status as the most attractive industry partner for suppliers and customers. Complying with rules, regulations and ethical standards, developing people and ensuring adequate organisational and operating processes, as well as adequate equipment, are crucial to protect Norske Skog and its stakeholders from incidents and accidents, legal proceedings, interrupted partnerships and reputational damage.

The Steering Documents, the Power of Attorney structure and the Operating Model provide the basic framework for our mandates and activities. The Steering Documents describe in general how Norske Skog employees are expected to carry out activities and operations. The Power of Attorney structure, as set out by the Board of Directors to the CEO and further delegated through the organisation, describes financial empowerment to individual positions. The Operating Model establishes the functional roles, responsibilities and dependencies for organisational bodies and top management positions in Norske Skog.

Norske Skog’s business units have a high degree of independence and accountability. Local managers are responsible and accountable for decisions and results within their unit. However, we apply a uniform basis for our operations across countries and cultures with regard to HESQ (health, environment, safety and quality), people development, financial reporting and legal compliance. In these areas, our conduct must be based on the same principles to promote the shared interests of Norske Skog and our stakeholders. With its international operations, Norske Skog AS remains a Norwegian company and all operations must take place in compliance with relevant local rules and Norwegian business standards.

Based on the Steering Documents, Norske Skog has developed further material, such as Corporate Standards and procedures. Their implementation and updating, as well as our training, auditing and reporting, will support Norske Skog’s leaders and employees in promoting awareness and improving the Group’s performance. Compliance with the Steering Documents, and material developed on the basis hereof, is mandatory. We also expect similar conduct and ethical standards in partnerships, joint ventures and partially owned companies.

Lars P. S. Sperre
President & CEO


Norske Skog AS
PB 294 Skøyen
0213 Oslo

Phone: +47 22 51 20 20
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Norske Skog AS
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