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Norske Skog is committed to sustainable development of the environment and natural resources.

Norske Skogs environmental policy is an integral part of the strategy on corporate and local levels to achieve Norske Skog’s goals. Our environmental commitments shall be reviewed in context with the Group’s commitments to health, safety and corporate social responsibility.

Our Corporate Standards and other documentation contain detailed instructions on how Norske Skog shall continuously improve its environmental and society performance.

Norske Skog’s basic environmental requirements include:

  • Local responsibility for environmental performance and corporate follow-up
  • Local responsibility for continuously improving environmental performance, and with a view to reducing the environmental impact to a minimum
  • Efficient production processes with high yield on raw material and energy utilisation shall be key objectives in all production units. We will only use raw materials from sustainably managed sources and actively participate in the work to combat climate change. Environmental aspects shall be integrated in strategic considerations and operational decisions
  • Environmental responsibilities and tasks shall be clearly defined and adhered to throughout the organisation. Organisational follow-up is a local responsibility. The business units shall educate and train their employees to know and understand Norske Skog’s environmental requirements and work performance expectations
  • Certifiable and internationally acknowledged environmental management systems shall be actively applied in all production units
  • All business units shall have environmental programmes with clear objectives and annually set targets supporting the Group’s strategies and environmental requirements
  • Norske Skog shall expect the same high environmental performance from suppliers of goods and services in the value chain as maintained in our own activities
  • Forest certification is encouraged and certified wood suppliers are preferred
  • Norske Skog shall have an environmental performance that supports our customers in reaching their environmental objectives
  • Norske Skog and its business units with respect for, and understanding of, the social and cultural values that exist where they operate
  • Norske Skog shall be open to and actively engage in dialogue with stakeholders, and will communicate openly on environmental matters


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Norske Skog AS
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