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All employees and others acting on behalf of Norske Skog must act in compliance with applicable laws and regulations at all times, and refrain from any agreement or practice contrary to relevant external or internal rules.

Compliance is a line responsibility, and the responsibility for compliant business conduct and operations remains local. Norske Skog has systems and activities to facilitate understanding, awareness and compliance with ethical, legal and internal rules. 

Questions and concerns regarding law or Norske Skog Steering Documents may be raised with your superior, the relevant line manager, the owner of the respective Steering Document or the corporate legal department. You may also contact an employee representative. For reporting of unethical or unlawful behaviour, please see below.

Consequences and Sanctions

The topics covered by our Steering Documents are paramount to ensure responsible and sustainable operations by Norske Skog. We have no tolerance for serious misconduct, such as corruption and cartel activities. Breach of public laws or internal rules will generally harm Norske Skog, and will be followed up on corporate or local level.

The primary goal of any follow-up will be to repair any damage to stakeholders, and protect the legitimate interests of Norske Skog, its employees and others acting on the company’s behalf. The follow-up will be carried out with due regard to the legitimate interests of society, the company, the involved persons and Norske Skog’s other stakeholders.

Reporting of Unethical or Unlawful Behaviour

It is in the interest of Norske Skog to be informed about unethical and/or unlawful behaviour relevant to its business activities, property, equipment and stakeholders’ interests. For that reason, Norske Skog encourages reporting of breaches of law, as well as breaches of Steering Documents or similar documents with our business partners. Norske Skog has established procedures for reporting such breaches, and reports may be sent to: compliance@norskeskog.com.

Reporting should be made with an adequate level of detail. All reporting will be handled with confidentiality and professionalism, and there will be no retaliation imposed on persons reporting.


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