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Saugbrugs aiming for 25% non-publication paper earnings in 2020

The MD Kjell Arve Kure at Saugbrugs presents in the attached video the strategy at Saugbrugs on how 25% of the EBITDA in 2020 will derive from non-publication paper activities.

See the movie: https://youtu.be/5re_ff0bJXE (If you have difficulty uploading the video through your browser, please copy the link and watch the video in google chrome.) 

Kjell Arve Kure explains:
- Norske Skog Saugbrugs has high competence within fibre raw material and fibre processing. We have several engineers with international reputation in this area. We now use this competence to develop new fibre products. These are environmentally friendly and based on a sustainable use of wood resources. Sustainability is a key word in all our development streams.

Saugbrugs will continue to be a leading SC supplier, both by being ahead of trends in the market and by improving the cost position. In first quarter 2017, a new bio gas plant will be started up based on processing of wastewater streams. The biogas will be upgraded to fuel quality.


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