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Bruck Norcote Silk H

End use:Magazines, catalogues, supplements, direct mail, inserts/flyers

The Norcote Silk 54 is a bulk paper, creating the impression of a smooth and bulk paper at the same weight of the standard version. Thanks to the extra bulk you reduce mailing and production cost while keeping quality at the highest level.

Sub-brands: Norcote
Printing method: Heat set web offset

Finish: Silk
Producer: Bruck

*only on request



Save cost on lower grammage with higher bulk….check out our: 
Norcote Silk 54 g/m2  with 1.1 bulk.

Basic propertiesISO
Basis Weight(ISO 536)(g/m²)
Thickness(ISO 534)(µm)
Bulk(ISO 534) (cm3/g)
Brightness D65(ISO 2470)(%)
CIE Whiteness (ISO 11475)(%)
L-value D65(ISO 5631-2)(D65/10°)
a-value D65(ISO 5631-2 )(D65/10°)
b-value D65(ISO 5631-2)(D65/10°)
Opacity(ISO 2471)(%)
Gloss (Lehmann)(ISO 8254-1) (Tappi T480)(%)
Smoothness PPS 10(ISO 8791-4)(µm)
Pre-press dataISO
CIE L*-value**
CIE a*-value**
CIE b*-value**

Recommended ICC-Profile: FOGRA 45L (PSO LWC Improved / ISO 12647-2:2013)

Last Updated: 20 July 2020


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