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Saugbrugs NorSC Value

- The bulky SC paper

End use: Magazines, inserts, catalogues, direct mail and door drop.
Product Family: SC

Sub-brands: Nor
Printing method: Heatset & Rotogravure
Characterization data: Fogra 40

Finish: Gloss
Producer: Saugbrugs

  • Thicker - stiffer - cleaner
  • Excellent print contrast
  • The smart SC alternative

Based on our unique fresh fiber TMP technology, the NorSC Value is thicker, has a smoother surface and a cleaner look compared to SC-B alternatives. When replacing SC-A and SC-B with NorSC Value, the basis weight can be reduced by 4 gr (8%) and 8-10 gr (16-20%) respectively, while maintaining the same thickness.

Utilizing lower basis weights can help our customers reduce distribution costs, giving an improved CO2 footprint.

NorSC Value is produced in the basis weight range from 42 to 52 g/m2

More information

Basic propertiesISO
Basis Weight(ISO 536)(g/m²)
Thickness(ISO 534)(µm)
Density(ISO 534)(kg/m3)
Bulk(ISO 534) (cm3/g)
Brightness D65(ISO 2470)(%)
CIE Whiteness (ISO 11475)(%)
L-value D65(ISO 5631-2)(D65/10°)
a-value D65(ISO 5631-2 )(D65/10°)
b-value D65(ISO 5631-2)(D65/10°)
Opacity(ISO 2471)(%)
Gloss Hunter(ISO 8254-1)(%)
Smoothness PPS 10(ISO 8791-4)(µm)
Last Updated: 09 June 2021


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