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Sharing knowledge and technical support

As a global company, we see how important it is to share knowledge. This experience benefits our customers.

A printer could be familiar with their local technical customer service person, who speaks their language and understands their business. But they may be unaware of the resources which this individual can access.

Each service person is backed by a global team of people able to provide knowledge and assistance. A recent problem in Europe with press contamination was solved by information from Tasmania in Australia, for instance. Distance is not a barrier with today's communication technology.

Behind the technical customer service team stand professional logistics specialists who can assist with any transport and reel handling problem or improvement, wherever they arise in the process. A customer recently used this expertise to design a new warehouse for paper storage.
Norske Skog's technical support and development group provides further technical support. It recently developed a high-speed camera which can be used to identify problems relating to paper or the printing press.

The other resources which provide further depth of support are the operations people and the papermakers. In Norske Skog, we know that efficiency gains can be achieved in the papermaking process by studying and eliminating problems at the printer.
In other words, behind every face seen by the customer to be providing technical customer service in the press room is a worldwide organisation. It can help to deliver the right product and service and to support the printing process so that the customer gets a top-quality result.


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