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  • Responsibility


    At Norske Skog, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact through sustainable operations and continuous improvement.

  • The right solution for coldset printing


    Excellent for newspapers, free-sheets, directories, supplements and inserts/flyers

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  • Ecolabel: a new label for our NorX!

    The Ecolabel is the only environmental label that is common to all member states of the European Union.

  • Norske Skog Saugbrugs launches new SC paper

    Norsc Lite

    NorSC Lite lets the customer reduce the basis weight while keeping a unique print quality.

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  • Prestigous annual report award to Norske Skog

    Norske Skog won the prestigious award "Farmandprisen" for 2014 for best 2013 annual report among the small and medium sized listed companies on Oslo S...

  • Norske Skog Bruck

    2nd place at the Austria-wide maintenance competition...

  • Ten million ton of newsprint

    At 1.24 am on May 3rd 2014, PM2 has produced the ten millionth ton of newsprint manufactured at the Golbey mill since its start-up in January 1992....

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Norske Skog


Being able to document responsible business practices based on our values, policies and guidelines is important for a global company like Norske Skog.

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Norske Skogindustrier ASA
PB 294 Skøyen
0213 Oslo

Phone: +47 22 51 20 20
Main fax: +47 22 51 20 21


Norske Skogindustrier ASA
Karenslyst allé 49
0278 Oslo

Norske Skogindustrier ASA, PB 294 Skøyen, 0213 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 51 20 20 - Main fax: +47 22 51 20 21