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CEBINA – Cellulose Nano Fibrils (CNF)

Origin of CEBINA

CEBINA is produced and developed at Norske Skog Saugbrugs, a Norwegian paper mill with more than 160 years of experience with fibers and cellulose. This immense experience and the drive for continual improvement led to Saugbrugs starting development of cellulose nano fibrils (CNF) or Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC) in 2016, with the intention of using the product to enhance surface and tensile strength of paper produced at the mill. The increase in paper quality was impressive and attracted interest from other industries, leading to the launch of CEBINA.

A green product

CEBINA is a renewable product, using sustainably sourced kraft pulp from wood as raw material, and with 98 % of the energy used in the process originating from hydropower plants. CEBINA is not dangerous to humans or animals, and if dispatched into seawater, CEBINA will not pollute because bacteria naturally present in the sea can consume the fibrils in short time. The non-hazardous nature of CEBINA means that it is a safe offshore chemical, as it is approved by OSPAR according to both HOCNF and PLONOR requirements.


Properties and application

CEBINA have properties that can improve both liquid solutions and solid structures. When mixed with adhesives and coatings, CEBINA provides rheology control due to its thixotropic and shear thinning properties - allowing for use as a stabilizer, thickener and emulsifier. CEBINA has strong resistance to shear, temperature and salinity degradation, making it favorable compared to existing products used as viscosifiers such as HPAM, xanthan gum (XC polymer) and guar gum. Potential use can be as an additive in paint, glue, cement, oil field chemicals used in drilling mud and enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and more.

When drying CEBINA, the nano fibrils locks strongly together, producing a matrix similar to glass fibers or Kevlar. These interlocked fibrils are stiff, lightweight and have eight times the tensile strength of steel. This effect applied to paper increases surface and tensile strength, and CEBINA can provide similar strength enhancement in concrete, glue, paint, fiberboards and more.

CEBINA in oil & gas(.mp4 - 203MB)
CEBINA for paint and coating (.mp4 - 286MB)


CEBINA is currently available as a suspension in water, where it‘s delivered in three different consistencies - as a fluid, as a paste and as wet granulate.

CEBINA MB EP is available as a suspension in epoxy.

For more information on CEBINA or other inquiries, please contact CEBINA@norskeskog.com



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