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Business units

During its 50 years of operation, Norske Skog has positioned itself as one of the world’s  largest suppliers of newsprint and an important source of paper for the magazine and directory sectors.

Developments in the media industry place constant new demands on publishers of newspapers and magazines worldwide. Norske Skog meets these challenges with modern, technically advanced production in Europe and Australasia and the growth region of Asia. 

Summing up:

  • 5 business units (mills) located in 4 countries
  • 5 sales hubs in Europe and Australasia in addition to sales agents worldwide

Global advantages

Our ambition to become a world leader reflects the faith we have in the future of the industry and in our strength and ability to follow and adapt to market developments.

One feature of the paper industry is the high level of capital tied up in its facilities. That applies particularly to us, because we have made a number of substantial acquisitions.We have thereby secured a global production base.

We also have access to cheap raw materials and favourably-priced energy. This means we can live up to our strategy of being a low-cost producer.

Our ability to deliver high-quality products at the lowest possible cost represents a significant contribution to the success of our customers.


Norske Skog ASA
PB 294 Skøyen
0213 Oslo

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Norske Skog ASA
Sjølyst plass 2
0278 Oslo