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Norske Skog's values

Our core values are openness, honesty and cooperation. Those values constitute the basis for how we work together in Norske Skog and how we conduct our business.

The importance of values is that:

  • They provide the basis for a common culture within the organisation.
  • They help us build confidence and predictability within the organisation and with our stakeholders.
  • They are essential to achieve continuous improvement.

All employees and others acting on behalf of Norske Skog are expected to honour our values when carrying out business for Norske Skog. Correspondingly, we expect our customers and business partners to respect our values when they engage in business with Norske Skog.

By demonstrating openness, we will ensure that Norske Skog inspires trust and deserves credibility. For us, openness means:

  • Being open to grasp and respond to changes – outside of and inside the Group. Examples are willingness to discuss challenges and openness to change our behaviour. 
  • Making relevant information quickly available to relevant stakeholders. Examples are pro-active communication with our employees, providing timely and correct market information to our investors, active follow-up of customers and suppliers, open dialogue with stakeholders and society at large.
  • Providing information based on facts in a professional manner.
  • Respecting the privacy of our employees and the confidentiality of our partners.

By demonstrating honesty, we will improve our performance. For us, honesty means:

  • Supporting constructive change processes. Examples are changing own behaviour before asking others to change, giving specific feedback and instructions.
  • Contributing to honest discussions. Examples are receiving feedback constructively, sharing views and ideas. 
  • Complying with public laws and regulations, as well as internal rules and prerequisites. Examples are health and safety legislation, environmental laws, financial reporting and financial market regulations, competition laws, anti-corruption regulations and corporate conduct requirements, as well as organisational governance structures, Steering Guidelines and the corresponding Powers of Attorney. 
  • Internal rules complement the public legislation and promote Norske Skog’s demonstration of honesty through transparency, predictability and ethical standards.
  • Balancing the legitimate interests of Norske Skog with the legitimate interests of our stakeholders.

By demonstrating co-operation, we will reach our goals and help our colleagues and partners reaching their goals. For us, co-operation means:

  • Behaving professionally and predictably. Examples are giving timely and respectful response to stakeholders, conducting fair business practices. 
  • Working together with our colleagues and external partners. Examples are supporting entrepreneurship within our organisation, balancing our own goals with those of our stakeholders, sharing our expertise generously.
  • Including our stakeholders’ interests in our business considerations and decisions. Examples are respecting human rights, choosing actions with the lowest environmental impact, maintaining effective organisation, constantly improving our commercial performance and financial reporting. 


Norske Skog ASA
PB 294 Skøyen
0213 Oslo

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Norske Skog ASA
Sjølyst plass 2
0278 Oslo