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Celebrating the grand opening of the Bruck PM3!


Today we marked an important milestone in our journey to becoming the go-to supplier for sustainable containerboard production, based on 100% recycled fiber!

From left to right: Chair of the Board Geir Drangsland, Vice Chancellor of Austria Werner Kogler, CEO Tore Hansesætre, State Governor of the state of Styria in Austria Christopher Drexler, MD Bruck Enzo Zadra (Photo: Carsten Dybevig, Norske Skog)

A lot of people showed up to celebrate this special day with us, including national and regional politicians, representatives from the local community, and friends and families of Norske Skog Bruck 🇦🇹. 

– The Bruck PM3 plays a vital role in our plans to introduce 760,000 tonnes of containerboard capacity to meet the growing demand for renewable packaging, and supporting Europe in its need to replace fossil-based packaging material. It was great to be in Bruck today and to share this milestone with everyone here, says Norske Skog CEO Tore Hansesætre. 

A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone at Norske Skog for the work that has been put in, and especially to all our colleagues at Norske Skog Bruck. You have once again proven that you manage to deliver huge projects with high quality 👏 

From top left: Vice Chancellor of Austria Werner Kogler and Chair of the Board Geir Drangsland, CEO Tore Hansesætre, Geir Drangsland
From bottom left: MD Enzo Zadra, Communication Manager Bruck Gert Pfleger, Operators Franz Christandl (left) and Michael Kilian
(Photos: Carsten Dybevig, Norske Skog)

See the HiWay TV video from the opening.



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