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Jens Borge honoured with prize for his HSE leadership


On October 1st 2019, Norske Skog’s Corporate Vice President Health Environment Safety & QA Jens Borge was awarded the Norwegian Woodworking Prize for 2019.

The prize was awarded to Mr. Borge for his strong commitment and engagement for improved health safety and environmental work in the Norwegian and international woodworking industry. 

The committee awarding the prize on behalf of the Woodworking Industry Association gives the following description of Mr. Jens Borge’s qualifications for the prize:

“Jens Borge is actively committed to share learnings across locations, both in Norske Skog and in the industry. A key example of this is the introduction of shared standards and reporting tools, SYNERGI, for HSE in Norske Skog which enables strong routines and learning across mills throughout the company. He has established and leads the HS Forum as part of CEPI to ensure learning for actors across the woodworking industry in Europe. He systematically works on sharing knowledge and “best practices” between mills and units.”

In addition to Mr.Borge’s strong technical and professional HSE skills, the committee also highlights his leadership and communications talent.

“Jens Borge demonstrates hands-on leadership concerning risk assessments and proactive preventive measures. This is demonstrated through annual safety inspections with Mill managers on each mill, through quick responsiveness and his great engagement for his work on getting to the root-cause and the causality behind unwanted incidents and accidents. His motivation is always “how to prevent this from happening again?”. He is a champion for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), by actively training Norske Skog employees. Jens Borge is a highly skilled HSE professional. Han points out and documents potential risks concerning equipment or processes. He is internationally recognised for his knowledge and engagement, even among Norske Skog’s competitors.“

Congratulations, Jens Borge!


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