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Norske Skog presented at Nordisk Bioplastförening


Norske Skog presented its CEBICO (bio composites) product at the Nordisk Bioplastförening webinar with the theme “The role of the forest in bioplastic production”. Please find the presentation attached to this press release.

Norske Skog has developed bio products at the Saugbrugs industrial site since 2005, with particular focus on both bio composites (CEBICO) and nanocellulose (CEBINA). Significant progress has been made for both products over the past years. In Q4 2020, Norske Skog received a grant of approximately NOK 15 million from innovation Norway to build a CEBICO demonstration pilot plant expected to be finalised during H2 2021. The pilot plant will have an annual capacity of 300 tonnes of CEBICO pellets, and thus enable further qualification testing and commercial development of CEBICO.

- It is very exciting to see the strong interest received from the industry for our CEBICO and CEBINA products. The products are not only an environmental alternative to existing products, but also outperform and improve cost efficiency in several applications, says Hugo Harstad, Commercial Development Director of CEBICO and CEBINA at Norske Skog Saugbrugs.

- The development of bio composites and nanocellulose at Saugbrugs has been a wide effort for several years, allowing motivated and highly competent staff to show ingenuity in utilising their leading expertise on fibre  refining and process industry to develop sustainable products for the future, says Kjell-Arve Kure, General Manager at Norske Skog Saugbrugs.

Norske Skog - Nordisk Bioplastförening Presentation  

About Norske Skog
Norske Skog is a world leading producer of publication paper with strong market positions and customer relations in Europe and Australasia. The Norske Skog Group operates four industrial sites in Europe, two of which will produce recycled containerboard following planned conversion projects. In addition, the Group operates two industrial sites and a wood pellets plant in Australasia. Norske Skog aims to further diversify its operations and continue its transformation into a growing and high-margin business through a range of promising fibre projects. The Group has approximately 2,300 employees in five countries, is headquartered in Norway and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker code NSKOG.

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