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After the game is before the game!


On 10 July 2022 at 4:15 pm on time, the last reel of NOR News for an Austrian customer was produced on the PM3.

The PM3 was put into operation 69 years ago. The machine has been revised several times, was one of the first to produce recycled newspaper from 1976 and has so far supplied the raw material for a wide variety of newspapers.

This machine has supported many families and over the last century has enabled the Bruck paper mill to expand and establish itself as a valuable business for Bruck, Styria and Austria.

Now the last sheet of newspaper has been produced and many of us have sentimental memories of that time.

But after the game is before the game.

The media industry has become faster and more digital. What was new and important recently is no longer of interest a short time later. As a result, the printed word came under pressure on the market. At the same time, new sales channels have opened. Starting with a digital bookseller, online shopping has developed into an economic factor.

The world has become smaller due to the internet and our view of it has also become much more critical. Regulations such as "single use of plastic" enable a naturally grown raw material that is used in a functioning circular economy to conquer new areas.

Starting today, we begin to create our future.


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