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Containerboard - 285 days to go


Photo: Norske Skog Bruck

Buildings were demolished and areas levelled. On the way to be a containerboard manufacturer, the first of 3 sections will be completed with the commissioning of the new anaerobic water treatment plant at the end of April. 

As we racked our brains about what a paper mill in Bruck would look like in the future, we noticed that we now not only have more paper, but also a wide variety of products in our portfolio. Therefore we are developing an industrial site that provides packaging and publication papers, heat for our neighbours, energy to stabilize the European electricity grid and to enable alternative energy sources from residues and mineral products for road and dam construction.

In addition to the products, it is also the social goals that define what we do as a leading company in the region. Job security, strengthening the circular economy and environmental protection, our employees' health, development and satisfaction are our focus today and in the future.

In the first phase, the modernization of our bark combustion boiler and the construction of the new biomass boiler were the first big step for our CO2-reduced new energy management, which also ensured the steam supply for the container board paper machine.

And yet we are papermakers in our hearts of hearts and have started the conversion project of the PM3 from newspaper to containerboard with particular enthusiasm.

First major construction goal in the STRATO project is the commissioning of the anaerobic water treatment plant at the end of April. This plant is necessary in order to reduce the starch load in the waste water from the pulp plant. The pre-treated wastewater is then fed into the existing sewage treatment plant via specially designed feed systems and subjected to further cleaning steps.

A positive side effect is that a not inconsiderable amount of biogas is produced, which we burn directly in our new boiler to produce steam for paper production.

Photo: Norske Skog Bruck

Meanwhile the construction of the OCC pulp plant has started and in July 2022, after 69 years, we will produce the last rolls of newspaper in order to start the conversion of the PM3 of our "Emma", in good time.


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