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Looking at the packaging paper industry we are living in interesting times. There are the exciting announcements about planned mergers between leading integrated companies, changing the packaging landscape globally.

Political developments keep us on the edge of our seats too, think of the P&PW Regulation, as well as national regulations affecting our common business. Last but not least the developments in the market itself: it goes without saying that we were pleased with the much-needed price increase that we were able to achieve in most European markets per the first of March. 

Looking at Norske Skog we are ramping up at Bruck in Austria and we are grateful that customers throughout Europe support us in this phase. A big thank you to all of you! Of course, we too had to face the usual ramp-up challenges, but nothing we could not fix. In Golbey, France the work continues. Have a look at the latest video – it says it all, we’re almost there. It’s an exciting idea to be supplying containerboard from these two sites at the end of the year, because it’s a huge step in realizing our vision to become a leading, independent packaging paper producer!


Norske Skog ASA
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Norske Skog ASA
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