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Preparing for the future - the new multi fuel boiler in Bruck


Photo: Norske Skog Bruck

Reducing the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas is one of the central components of our sustainable climate policy. The first mayor step to prepare our mill in Austria for the future has been taken. The boiler hardware is in place and under commission.

An efficient and modern energy supply is key to prepare an industrial site for the future. In energy-intensive industrial processes in particular, environmentally friendly and economical alternatives to primary fuels are in demand.

A first step has been taken in Bruck.

The last months have shown how vulnerable economy is, if a few parameters are changing unexpectedly. Covid 19, natural gas prices and the availability of the paper for recycling provided us too with a challenging environment while running the construction project. The project team at the site in Bruck and the suppliers involved have had tough months. "On time - on budget" were the headlines of their project year 2021.

Now the concrete has been poured and the individual parts of the boiler have been put together. The construction project went into the next phase at the end of 2021. The boiler was fired the first time and   solid fuel was used in January 2022. Now the boiler is in an optimization phase, which will be completed with the takeover of the boiler in April.

With the boiler, we pursue the following goals:

  • We reduce greenhouse gases by generating energy from residual materials
  • We enable the further expansion of wind and solar energy through innovative energy management
  • We deliver long-term and reliable district heating for our region
  • We take responsibility for the circular economy to a new level in the paper industry

Norske Skog Bruck Managing Director Enzo Zadra says:” With the new boiler we make a big step towards our ambitious climate goals. Locally sourced fuels will improve the energy supply security in the nowadays volatile European energy market. It’s impressive how well the whole project team managed the energy project in these challenging months. This gives us an additional push for the Strato conversion project in the upcoming project period.”

Illustration: Norske Skog Bruck


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