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Welcome again! And did you know? #2


Welcome to our second newsletter, updating you on the conversion projects in Austria and France. We all know that we are living in challenging times, and it will not come as a surprise that the present geopolitical circumstances have an impact on our conversions too. We are still on track though, due to the hard work of our project teams. They make it happen – read all about it!

In the first intro we told you all about our Norwegian roots. But did you know that in 1990 we started our global expansion with the building of a new mill initially called Papeterie de Golbey in France, whose shares were owned at 49% by Norske Skog? Five years later Norske Skog acquired the remaining shares, taking complete control of what is today Norske Skog Golbey. One year later, in 1996, Norske Skog Bruck was acquired, and we did not stop there. By 2003 we operated 23 paper mills throughout the world, producing almost 9 million tons of publication paper. At that time about 130 million tons of publication paper were consumed globally, today about 40% less! Of course, this did not happen overnight and over the years we developed our organization in line with this new reality.

Today, Norske Skog is no longer just a traditional publication producer, but an industrial player on a mission to create green value for all its stakeholders. Our conversions play a key role in that mission, just as our investments in energy, see our story on K9 in Bruck, and our partnerships with other industrial players for example, to develop technologies to capture CO². But we also use our knowledge of fibers to produce very exciting, innovative bio chemicals. More about those in Newsletter 3!


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