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NorSC Value

thicker – stiffer – cleaner

NorSC Value has the shade of a SC-B paper, but is thicker, stiffer and cleaner. We have combined the trends in the market with Norske Skog Saugbrugs’ unique fiber preparation technology, and developed a SC paper with extra thickness and a smooth surface.

We utilize the advantages of the fresh fibers, and NorSC Value looks cleaner than most paper in the SC-B segment.

The extra thickness and stiffness of NorSC Value can be used to reduce basis weight, and give environmental advantages for publishers and retailers. Lower basis weight reduce freight loads, emissions and distribution costs.

NorSC Value is a product that brings together our long experience of producing SC paper and the trends in the SC-B segment.

NorSC Value is produced in the basis weight range from 42 g/m2 to 52 g/m2.

NorSC Value is the smart alternative to SC-B paper!

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