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Norske Skog is launching into a new sphere!

In 2023 Norske Skog will commence packaging paper production of Testliner 3 and Fluting at our Bruck (Austria) and Golbey (France) mills. A launch into a new sphere for a publication paper producer, as well as a clear sign of the company’ commitment to become a leading, independent supplier to the packaging industry.

Norske Skog Bruck’s PM3 in Austria will start the production of 210.000 tons of recycled containerboard in the first quarter of 2023. Norske Skog Golbey’s PM1 in France, designed to produce 550.000 tons of lightweight recycled containerboard, will follow a few months later, in the fourth quarter.

Both sites will continue their development into fine examples of the circular economy. Norske Skog has invested heavily in reducing the footprint by base the new packaging paper products entirely on recycled fibers. The Group has also built a new multifuel boiler at Bruck. France's biggest bioenergy boiler is under construction at the Golbey industrial site furnishing green energy to the packaging paper production. 

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