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Sustainable raw materials

Norske Skog has several systems and processes to make sure that all wood used in Norske Skog’s products comes from sustainably managed forests. All Norske Skog mills utilising fresh fibre have third-party verified Chain of Custody (CoC) certification systems in place. The average share of certified fresh fibre in 2019 was 88%, the same as last year.

The main global challenges related to forest management and climate change are deforestation in developing countries. The use of forests, forest products and bio-energy can, however, be a sound climate change strategy, depending on where and how the forest biomass is harvested. It is important to distinguish between forest types and the existing use of the forest. In forest areas where biomass is accumulated (annual growth exceeds annual harvest), the use of forest resources for renewable products and energy will be possible while still keeping the forest stock stable. Forest land soil will release carbon dioxide after harvesting, but this is partly compensated for through increased radiation reflection from the same area (the Albedo effect). As long as only the net forest growth is harvested, the carbon stock will remain stable and bio-energy and forest products can substitute more carbon intensive products and fuels, thereby resulting in a positive climate effect.

For the forest value chain to be a part of the climate change solution, the forests must be managed sustainably.  Norske Skog promotes forest certification and chain of custody certification. We recognise our responsibility as a wood purchaser through our global wood purchasing policy, which states that all wood used in our paper originates from sustainably managed forests.


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