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The importance of steering in the right way

The Steering Guidelines are founded on the core values of Norske Skog – openness, honesty and cooperation. This document is the overarching administrative document for the Norske Skog Group, and provides the fundament for our ethical, legal and sustainable conduct. The Steering Guidelines have been approved by the board of directors of Norske Skog ASA.

We aim to maximize the group’s value through operations within the publication paper industry and our other industrial activities. In doing so, we continuously strive to maintain our status as a “best in class” industry partner for suppliers, customers and other business relations. Our attitude and ability to be entrepreneurial, motivate each other to always progress and develop and consistently maintain an impeccable business behaviour, do not just define our results, but is also the backbone of the industry group we aim to be.

Norske Skog’s business units have a high degree of independence and accountability. Local managers are responsible and accountable for decisions and results within their units. However, we apply a uniform basis for our operations across countries and cultures with respect to HESQ (health, environment, safety and quality), people development, financial reporting and legal compliance. In these areas, our conduct shall be based on the same principles to promote a unified Norske Skog Group.

The Steering Guidelines and its complementary documents, such as corporate standards and procedures, are available on our intranet. The steering documentation, as well as our training, auditing and reporting, will support the Norske Skog’s leaders and employees in promoting awareness and improving the group’s performance.

As a Norske Skog employee, you must follow the Steering Guidelines, always strive to exercise good judgement, and take due care and consideration in everything you do as an employee. Compliance with the Steering Guidelines is mandatory, and we expect similar conduct and ethical standards from our customers and suppliers, as well as in partnerships, joint ventures and partially owned companies. Through reliable, responsible and consistent conduct by every single one of us, we will together win trust and confidence both within and outside of Norske Skog.

Geir Drangsland
Chief Executive Officer


Norske Skog ASA
PB 294 Skøyen
0213 Oslo

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Norske Skog ASA
Sjølyst plass 2
0278 Oslo